Here’s what people are saying about the Tin Kitchen experience. Feel free to say something nice and show your favorite food truck some love.


Here’s what people are saying about the Tin Kitchen experience. Feel free to say something nice and show your favorite food truck some love.

I needed an easy but delicious catering option for a lunch I was buying for a team of about 30 people. Placing the order was a piece of cake and the menu looked amazing. I was, however, a little nervous considering I based my entire decision on the other yelp reviews. The delivery was on time and super professional. My team was so impressed with their lunch. THEY LOVED IT! I would highly recommend TIN Kitchen as a reasonable and delicious catering option!

-       Jorge U.

I never thought I'd say this, but my favorite taco in Charlotte comes from a food truck. As much as I love Bakersfield, Cantina 1511, and Sabor, none of them hold a candle to the beef brisket tacos at Tin Kitchen. Add in some of the best customer service and friendliest servers and you've got yourself a winning combination. The pork belly taco and flank steak tacos are also crowd favorites- honestly I've never had anything from this food truck that I didn't love. I will 100% go out of my way to find what brewery or local business they're parked at in order to get my craving satisfied.

-       Emily C.

Wow, I was blown away by the Tin Kitchen after finally tracking down this food truck..definitely as good as a brick and mortar restaurant. I ordered the pork belly taco and buffalo cauliflower slider. The pork belly taco was awesome. While being super simple (just a corn tortilla, pork belly, lettuce, and sauce) all of the flavors went so well together that more ingredients would have likely detracted from it. The sweet hoisin sauce went perfectly with the salty pork belly, the soft corn tortilla was great, and the lettuce/kimchi was fresh. Simple but really good! That said, the buffalo cauliflower slider I ordered was even better! I'm a meat lover, but I wouldn't mind being vegetarian if every vegetarian dish tasted like this. The charred cauliflower was excellent, and the buffalo sauce soaked in to give it a very nice flavor. The bun was perfectly toasted, the celery slaw was good, and the celery aioli & blue cheese rounded out the slider to make one awesome sandwich.  Both things I ordered had perfect flavor combinations, which really makes me think that almost anything from the Tin Kitchen would be good and the chef/owner must really know his stuff.

- Jared W.

These may have been the best tacos I've ever had! I got the 3 taco combo - daily special Island Jerk Mahi, Flank Steak, and Buffalo Cauliflower. Each of them amazing. Very fresh ingredients, so flavorful, and filling. The truck was behind Sycamore Brewery and I had seen them on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The lady taking my order was so pleasant - all around great experience.

- L.K.

First and foremost, process made extremely pleasant by prompt communication and professionalism. End result was amazing - terrific, attentive staff and food was amazing. An incredible time was had by all who attended our event!! 

- Sheree L.

Michael was so friendly and on time and he organized the taco bar perfectly in really nice containers that made it so easy to just pop the lids back on after lunch and put it in the fridge. It was awesome and everyone enjoyed having the option to make tacos or nachos or salads! Thanks so much! 

-Usoon W.

The best restaurant in CLT is a food truck" - My friend Matthew describes this new trendy taco truck to me. "They hands down have some of the best food CLT has to offer."  Well this wasn't the first time I heard raving reviews about them.  It just so happens while he was telling me this, I had booked them a few weeks prior for my wedding party.   

My wife and I are not very traditional, we had a wedding party a week after we were married and used the Tin Kitchen as our chefs.  We wanted something different that had some great food.  We decided to use The Tin kitchen, have Margarita's and Corona's match the predictable hot July day in CLT.   We were referred to them by a family member and are glad we had a chance to use them.  I was basically sold on three different aspects: 1) The food is amazing - my favorite was the Drunken Chicken WHAT A DELICIOUS TREAT!  (served with a side of Cilantro, Jalapeno Rice WOW!)  2) Their team is very passionate about what they do and you can taste it in their food.   3) The concept: Food trucks are trendy, laid back, and an outside of the box approach for a party, and all the guests loved the idea. 

Not only did they provide entrees but they also served some tasty hors d'oeuvres.  They consisted of a tuna watermelon (turns out tuna and Watermelon are meant to be together), Pork tenderloin (delicious), scallops and pineapple, chicken salad sandwiches and Mediterranean pasta salad which was my wife's fave!  Everyone involved was so pleasant and did a great job.   

On a side note I was just informed that they were booked by Google for the Democratic National Convention.  Yeah they are that good.  I mean come on if Google is booking them out of all the restaurants in CLT they are worth a try.  Well congrats Tin Kitchen, my hat goes off to you guys and your food truck!  I will definitely be seeing you guys soon. 

Be sure to Catch them on the road and I just realized I did not mention the Pork Belly Taco… WORTH MENTIONING! A Tin Kitchen Signature TACO

- Andy M.

TK just catered my wedding! I'm a bit of a foodie. My fav thing is to share a delicious meal with friends. When my husband and I decided we want to attempt to create an intimate family-style meal for over 100 ppl, we didn't really know where to start. But TK did! Food was incredible. Days later my guests are still raving about how good everything was. Thank you!!!

- Kara S.